Chosen as the BEST independent auto repair facility in the United States by Robert Bosch of Germany!         Chosen as the Auto Repair (non-Dealership) in Ann Arbor & Washtenaw county!

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Travel Links

If you will be traveling or if you move, here is a list of Shops who we know personally. Please let them know we sent you, and Please let us know how things went for you!

Map of all Trusted Auto Repair Shops

Bosch Service Centers We Know and Trust

Kahler's Werkstatt, Dublin, Ca Website Map to Kahler's Werkstatt
Beckley Automotive, Des Moines, IA Website Map to Beckley Automotive
Tills Import Auto Clinic, Ft. Myers, FL Website Map to Tills Import Auto Clinic
German Auto Service, Grand Rapids, MI Website Map to German Auto Service
Craig Autometrics, Rochester, NY Website Map to Craig Autometrics
Import Service Center, Summerville, SC Website Map to Import Service Center
Louden Motorcar Services, Dallas, TX Website Map to Louden Motorcar Services