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P.A.T. Testimonials

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Just wanted to thank you for suggesting I get snow tires! I love them !

B.R. Ann Arbor, 2004 Accord

I was referred to P.A.T. when I moved to Ann Arbor in 1992 and you have serviced my cars since that time. I have never taken the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate you and P.A.T and would like to take that opportunity now.

What I appreciate is:

  • Your expertise, it is evident to me that you have outstanding mechanical expertise and experience, you know what you are doing.
  • Your professionalism, you communicate with me as a valued customer, you are clear and take the time to answer and explain my questions, you treat me as a reasonable adult who doesn't know a lot about cars, you are always pleasant, patient and respectful.
  • Your advice, you have always worked with me about what maintenance should be done "now" and what could wait. This has greatly helped me budget for car maintenance. The one piece of advice that stands out for me is your recommendation that I purchase snow tires. I finally listened to you and two years ago had you put them on my car, and what a difference they made!
  • I was so surprised at how much they improved my control, maneuverability and ultimately my safety. I can't thank you enough (please feel free to show this to other customers who are thinking about snow tires!).
  • Your integrity, I have always appreciated your usually on-target estimates, your calls to get approval if the estimates weren't quite what was needed, your responsiveness, follow through and timeliness.
  • Your consideration, one of the things that really helps me is P.A.T. has provided cab service to get me to and from wherever I need to be in Ann Arbor. You work with my hectic work schedule and greatly help me balance the multiple priorities and tasks in my life.
  • Last, but not least, your love and passion for cars - you have pride in what you do and the service you provide. You have always provided exemplary maintenance on my cars, I believe, because you enjoy what you do.

You know I have, and will continue to, recommend my friends and colleagues to you and P.A.T.'s. Among other cars that I have owned, you have maintained my 1990 Mazda Miata for 17 years. Amazingly, the car runs beautifully with regular maintenance and has experienced no major repairs. I ( and my cars!) thank you. You're the best!

J.H. Ann Arbor

I was purchasing a certified used car and still wanted it to be checked out by an objective mechanic. P.A.T. could not accommodate me in the time frame I needed so I had to take it to one of your competitors. They found nothing wrong with it and were clearly not as through as you are. I bought it and when it needed an oil change I brought it to P.A.T. Tim, our technician looked it over and found that it needed several things including some suspension components. I feel so much more confident bringing our cars to P.A.T.

B.L. Ann Arbor, Toyota Rav 4, Honda Civic

P.A.T. recently recommended a bunch of work for our Mazda, including new tires. The tires you choose for the way we drive are awesome! I now love driving my car, it's incredible. My husband, who hated my car in the past, now opts to drive it.

J.D Ann Arbor, Mazda 5

This is to thank you for the great detective work in finding the elusive cause of the "check engine" light in my wife's 2002 Oldsmobile. After all your testing you were sure that the engine air intake valves were the culprits, others weren't so sure. Still driving with no check engine light - you were right. Thanks for your persistence.

G.L. Ann Arbor, '02 Oldsmobile Intrigue

After having some work done on our Mercedes by Jeff, we had to go to Plymouth and drive on the freeway - the car drove GREAT! We wanted to say thank you to both you and Jeff!

D.B. Ann Arbor, '00 Mercedes SLK 230

Thank you for your excellent work on my Grand Am this past week. You were very thoughtful and patient in explaining to me the problem with the fuel pressure and the repairs needed. GM did not make it an easy job to find the gauge you needed but you persisted and found the problem and fixed it. You make the repairs with the greatest care and high level of professionalism. Thank you.

J.T. Ann Arbor, '99 Pontiac Grand Am

PAT keeps the cars in my family safe; the mechanics at PAT literally, have my family's lives in their hands. Over the past 10 years, they have earned our trust, by always servicing our cars in an absolutely professional but still personal manner.

E.S. Ann Arbor, '96 Mercedes S420

My husband and I over the years have done all of our own auto maintenance ourselves because frankly we found that it's very difficult to find a shop that would do the needed repairs to our cars in the same way that we would.
However, Jeff Krol from PAT is a superior mechanic who truly cares about his customers and their cars. For example because of time or should I say lack of it we decided to have Jeff do some work on our 02 Honda CRV. I can tell you that after we picked it up and I drove it I can honestly say that the car is now driving better then when I received it from the dealership brand new! Thank you again Jeff for the great job
We are now intrusting Jeff and PAT to take care of some minor problems with our 77 Classic Corvette which we have been restoring. This car is my baby and I would not trust it with just anyone. But I know that I can with full confidence drop it off at PAT knowing that when I return to pick up the car Jeff will have it running better then ever. In this day and age PAT are a true gem.
Thank you!
PS Mike and Robert in parts ... THANK YOU TOO!

A.K. Ann Arbor, '77 Vette, '02 CRV, '91 CRX, '90 Lebaron Convertable, '91 3000GTVR Mitsubishi

Several years ago I had an older car I took all over town. No one either wanted to fix it or could fix it.
Then I brought it to P.A.T.
The technician took the time to figure out what was wrong. He was willing to take periodic test drives and stints with the diagnostic equipment to diagnose the problem. I was consequently able to continue to drive it for a couple more years.
I've now returned with my newer car because they really know what they are doing. I can tell they appreciate my business.

T.W.T. Ann Arbor, 2000 Honda Accord

You are right, the Avalon is great! Thanks for the hard work.

R.S. Ann Arbor, Toyota Avalon

Thank you for keeping my 2000 Passat sedan running well. It rides nicely and gets good gas mileage. On highway trips it gets 35 to 36 miles per gallon. Anyone who rides in it cannot believe that it is a 2000 model. I enjoy driving it and hope it lasts a long time!

S.E. Ann Arbor, VW Passat

I have never experienced such a thorough, understandable, patient explanation of a mechanical problem. MJ suggested we check with the dealer to see if the water pump and timing belt would be covered free under warranty due to such low mileage, which we will do. We will definitely be back and are most appreciative of Ernie Weaver's referral.

L.S. Ann Arbor, Toyota Celica

I am one of those car owners that tend to keep and maintain vehicles for 10+ years. My old truck was about 6 years old when I first took it to PAT. It was running rough and I was beginning to question its reliability. I mentioned to Mike and Jeff at PAT that I wanted to get a couple of more years out of it before replacing it. I asked them for their opinions and to make some recommendations. Jeff inspected the truck and we set up a schedule to make some needed repairs and preventive maintenance. After the repairs I drove that truck another four trouble free years before I decided that I wanted to replace it with a newer model. I finally sold that old truck after driving it for 10+ years. That old truck is now over 14 years old, has 170,000+ miles on it and is still serviced at PAT. When you consider the cost of a new vehicle it pays to maintain and service them with the expertise of an organization like PAT. I also appreciate knowing that when service is performed, Jeff conducts a complete safety check and makes recommendations for future service to avoid problems on the highway. This extra effort instills confidence in the safety and reliability of the vehicle. This is another example of the commitment by the folks at PAT to service and support their customers.

D.E. Ann Arbor, Ford Ranger

I just love bringing my car to P.A.T. because I know I can trust you. I have confidence that the right thing is being done. People ask me why I come to you, (because for some reason they think you are expensive ) but in the long run, when everything is done right the first time it saves me time, money and frustration. It's peace of mind. I like the way you talk with me and listen to me. I don't have to worry about a thing.

M.D. Ann Arbor, Toyota Camry

Mike, Thanks so much for fixing our radio today, and thank for making the boys so comfortable while we waited. I appreciated it!

D.F. Ann Arbor

This might be minor, but it sure is a joy to have current magazines to read while I wait for my car!

W.O. Port Austin, MI

I feel like I'm in good hands here. Thank you for the reminder cards.

D.H. Ann Arbor

Financially I am struggling and don't have extra money to spend. I've come here because the job needs quality attention.

B.L. Ypsilanti, MI, Toyota Celica

I am writing to thank you for expediting the work on my car so I was able to have it earlier. Everyone is pleased. Thank you again.

C.H. Ann Arbor, MI

After moving to Ann Arbor a couple of years ago I took my BMW to another shop. What a mistake! At P.A.T. Mike Jeffries diagnosed the problem (that had not be found by several dealerships or the other shop), explained what he had found in terms that were understandable and gave me an out-the-door quote; all of which was appreciated. His professionalism was stellar. As a result we have also brought in our Toyota truck, and will definitely return.

G.C. Ann Arbor, BMW & Toyota

I was relieved to find out you service all kinds of cars and trucks. We have a shop nearby but every time I go there they say it's fixed but then something else has to be fixed soon afterward and I have to go back. You guys I know can figure out what's wrong and fix it completely the first time. That's why I come to you.

T.S. Milan, Ford Marquis

Gratitude and thanks for all that you do. It is always a joy! With appreciation...

C.S. Ann Arbor, VW Jetta

I'm not sure I've been coming since you opened, but it's been many many years. Having good car repair service is so important to us. You have kept all our old cars running. Thanks for the great service.

D. C. and L. C. Dexter, MI, VW Rabbit, BMW, Ford, MGB

Thank you so much for your 'goodwill' service and taxi ride. I very much appreciate your competence and kindness."

Y. A. Ann Arbor, MI

A sincere thanks to all of you for everything. From the great conversation to the attention to detail when servicing my car; and for giving a guy a break. May this kindness return you twofold.

J.W. Ypsilanti, MI, Honda

We moved to Michigan sixteen years ago. After several disappointing service visits to local dealerships, I started asking at work if anyone had a good mechanic. A colleague recommended PAT. I hesitated, they're twenty miles away from us, not very convenient, but I needed to get a car repaired. We've never gone anywhere else since. PAT is great for us. We like to run our cars until they wear out. Over the past fifteen years, each vehicle in our PAT maintained fleet has lasted fourteen to seventeen years, and all but one accumulated over 170 thousand miles, before they were no longer viable. Our current Mazda MPV, for example, is fifteen years old, with over 180 thousand miles. Like the other cars PAT has maintained for us, everything works, the vehicle is reliable, safe and comfortable.

With our vehicle owning habits, we've turned to PAT for far more than just tune-ups and fluid changes. Over the years, PAT has done a VW engine top-end rebuild, an Audi transmission rebuild, two A/C conversions from Freon to R134, multiple valve timing belts, water pumps, struts and other suspension parts replacements, tune-ups, brake jobs, and much, much more.

PAT does it right. Here's what we've always experienced:

In summary, PAT is our ideal VMP - Vehicle Maintenance Provider. They're true professionals and have earned our trust and our repeat business. My only wish, still, is that they were closer.

T.A. Northville, MI, Mazda

A noise and wobble developed in the front of my car, it was terrible when I used the brakes! I went to __________ (a national chain), and they told me I needed brakes. $500 later ... I still had the same problem! A couple other shops couldn't figure it out. I stopped by P.A.T., your techs figured it out immediately! They even showed me what was wrong! I should have come to you first.

D.L. Ann Arbor, Mazda

I like your place. It's so clean. Good people. Hard to come by these days. And we love your coffee machine!

E. B. Detroit, Mercedes Benz

You guys are wonderful! So nice. I really appreciate the fact that I can drop by any time and have my headlight replaced right away.

Y.K. Ann Arbor

I am in grad school in another state and realized there is someone else living in my apartment complex from Ann Arbor. After having car problems we happened to meet, and she said, "I can't wait to get home so I can take my car to P.A.T." I responded with, "I take my car to P.A.T. too!" Small world.

K.C. Ann Arbor

It is so nice to bring our car to a place with such a great reputation.

B.H. Ann Arbor, Chrysler LeBaron

I feel so comfortable bringing my cars here. I've been to the dealer and just don't like going there. I'm happy to give you my money because I know things will be taken care of very well.

M.H. Ypsilanti, '99 Toyota Avalon, '70 Triumph TR6

I recently had a water pump put on by another shop and now the engine is making noises that weren't there before. I didn't want to go back to that place and decided to come to you because I've always heard you are the best in town. I now understand why people say that. I was treated with respect and things were explained fully. I'll be back.

G.M. Ann Arbor, '93 Ford Probe

You must be the only independent shop to have the computer needed to fix my car, Thanks Mike!

J.W. Ann Arbor, '05 Porsche

I brought my car in to have snow tires mounted and your technician noted deteriorating ball joint within about 3 minutes of having car on hoist. I had noticed increasing play in steering. They ordered part, serviced the car and even dealt with my extended warranty company for me.

J.C. Ann Arbor, BMW Z3

I liked the quality of your service.

A.J. Ann Arbor, Toyota

I like everything abut P.A.T. They are professional and courteous. They have fair prices. They are very helpful. I have an older car and they didn't try to scam me.

F.R. Ann Arbor, Chrysler Pacifica, Mercury Sable

I like P.A.T. because they just do excellent work and they have a very friendly staff

N.P. Ann Arbor, Toyota, Cadillac

P.A.T. is very good and nice. We are very satisfied with them.

E.H. Ann Arbor, Oldsmoblie

The People working at P.A.T. know their stuff.

C.M. Ann Arbor, Honda Odyssey

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