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Additives & Supplements

Keeping your vehicle healthy

    Just like food supplements and additives for us, there are hundreds of supplements and additives for your vehicle, some harmless at best, most simply worthless. How do you know which are valuable, which are worthless? From the experience of servicing over 85,000 vehicles we have learned that some actually do provide a benefit to your vehicle. P.A.T. stocks and sells supplements manufactured by Schaeffer Oil, International Lubricants Inc. and German Lubro Moly. P.A.T. sells supplements that have proven over and over to provide a benefit and which we feel will lengthen the life of your car or truck. We use them in our vehicles and feel confident recommending them for yours.

P.A.T. recommended vehicle supplements

    Moly Extreme Engine Protection: Oil Supplement

    This Moly (Molybdenum) based supplement is made for us by Schaeffer Manufacturing Company. We have found Molybdenum Extreme Engine Protection removes internal engine contaminants, which oil by itself, cannot. Additionally, it provides enhanced temperature and bearing protection. Moly Extreme Engine Protection works best when added at each oil change service.

    Extreme Transmission Protection: Auto Trans Fluid Supplement

    Fluid is used in automatic transmissions as a method of (1) transmitting engine power to your vehicle's wheels,(2) changing gears and (3) providing power control. P.A.T. has found transmission supplements produced by International Lubricants Inc, (also recommended by most automobile manufacturers), will improve your transmission's power and shift control. We recommend adding our Extreme Transmission Protection when having your trans flushed. There is a general supplement appropriate for all types of transmissions as well as specific supplements for different types of transmission fluid. Your technician will know which is best for your vehicle.

    P.A.T. Extreme Fuel Supplement: Fuel Injection and combustion chamber supplement

    Gas mileage is best with a clean fuel system. Over the years we have found German Lubro Moly fuel system/fuel injector cleaners work well. These products keep your fuel system/combustion chamber clean by preventing deposits from collecting. Consider them to be similar to flossing your teeth.... except they only need to be used twice a year!

    Fuel injection systems used by all manufacturers (Domestic, Asian amp; European) have a direct lineage to the systems Bosch pioneered over 20 years ago. Being a Bosch Service Center since 1986, P.A.T. has had the privilege of staying current with each new development.