Chosen as the BEST independent auto repair facility in the United States by Robert Bosch of Germany!         Chosen as the Auto Repair (non-Dealership) in Ann Arbor & Washtenaw county!

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Tips on How to Get QUALITY Service

P.A.T. has been in business for 32 years, over that time we have developed procedures which provide the best possible repair outcome. We understand that from time to time a customer may have special needs, however, when we are forced out of our procedures, things rarely go smoothly!

  1. Appointments work best!

    • When you make the appointment tell us everything you want us to look at, this is important for us to schedule your vehicle enough time.

    • Tell us exactly when you want to pick up your vehicle, or if you are thinking of waiting!

    • If you are planning a trip, make the appointment at least two weeks before the date you want to leave!

    • Allow us to have your vehicle long enough for the repair. A four hour repair cannot be finished, properly, in one hour.

  2. By state law we must be authorized by you to repair your vehicle and you must give us a dollar amount to start those repairs.

    • On our repair order or night drop form we need a dollar amount and your signature or we cannot work on your vehicle!

    • We will try to give you an accurate estimate for the cost of repairs, often we must look at your vehicle to know how long a repair will take and how much it will cost.

    • 99% of the time we will need to talk with you about the repairs your vehicle requires and how much those repairs will cost.

    • If you will not be available to talk with us, you can give us a dollar amount so we can proceed with repairs.

  3. We will call you when your vehicle is done, if you would like you may call to inquire how things are going with your repairs.

    • Please do not drop by to pick up your vehicle if we haven't called to say it is done or if you haven't called first!

  4. We require payment for repairs done to your vehicle when you pick it up.

    • If you have a problem with paying for your vehicle, discuss it with us BEFORE you come to pick it up.

  5. Some things to think about:

    • Having your vehicle towed into our shop is OK, people do it all the time. When your vehicle is towed in you don't have to come with it.

    • Renting a car is an option, don't put stress on yourself.

  6. Here are some "Generic" Tips:

    1. Choose an auto repair facility before you desperately need one.

      Take your car in for a full service oil change, enabling you to get a "feel" for the facility. Spend a few minutes observing:
      • Are you treated with respect?
      • Are the surroundings clean?
      • Do the employees appear to enjoy their jobs?
      • Does the business provide uniforms for their employees?
      • Are details explained to your satisfaction?
      • Is your car finished when promised?
      • Are the costs what you expected?
      • Does the shop provide a written Limited Warranty?
      • Are the other customers happy and glad to be there?

    2. Ask a friend or coworker where they have their car serviced.

      • First, ask yourself "Do they (your friends/coworkers) hold the same values as you? Are the same things important to them?"
      • Are they pleased with the work that has been performed?

    3. Ask if the technicians are paid by commission (also known as "flat rate")

      or receive a salary. Dealerships and most independent shops pay by commission. BEWARE.

      • Commission pay encourages poor workmanship along with unneeded work.
      P.A.T. has always paid its technicians by salary. Quality is our #1 priority.

    4. Ask if state-of-the-art diagnostic tools are used by the technicians.

      • How often are the diagnostic tools upgraded?
      • Do they have current computer software relating to your vehicle?

    5. Does the business have a national affiliation?

      P.A.T. is affiliated with:

    6. Inquire as to how long the repair shop has been in business.

      As Ann Arbor's oldest, continuously owned independent auto repair facility (32 years), we have repaired over 87,000 vehicles.

    7. Is the repair facility a business that is part of the community?

      P.A.T. owns it's building and has been on the Ann Arbor Public Schools advisory committee for over ten years.

    8. If there is a problem after the maintenance or repair, approach the facility with your concerns. A professional facility will make every reasonable attempt to keep you as a happy customer.
      • Explain your concerns calmly without threats.
      • Explain exactly what it is you want.
      • Allow the facility to respond to your concerns.

    9. If the facility was good to you and provided you with quality service, return within a few days with baked goods, cookies, candy, with a note. Everyone likes compliments, and you will be remembered.