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Second Opinion

If you aren't particulary happy with our diagnosis, our quote for a repair, or simply think we may have 'missed the mark', we are OK with you seeking out a second opinion. We would ask, though, that after you have gotten the second opinion and BEFORE another shop spends your money, stop by and let us consult on whether the second opinion is even technically possible.

We just had an incident where after we did much diagnosis on a vibration problem, diagnoised a transmission issue the customer went to "The Dealer", paid out almost $1000 to have the vibration problem "repaired" which included new tires and axles, but then "The Dealer" didn't fix the vibration problem.

P.A.T. has never had a car problem that we couldn't diagnosis, there is no shop in southestern Michigan which is better equipped, has more intellligent employees or has access to better information, whether it is an Independent shop, a Dealer, or a mass Marketer. Our concern is the Proper and Professional repair of your vehicle.

Second Opinions don't bother us, seeing our customers ripped off by another shop does.

The converse is also true, P.A.T. is more than happy to provide you a second opinion on a diagnosis/repair done at another repair shop. We will though refrain from bad mouthing the other shop, and we will encourage you to contact the other shop if there may be a warranty concern.