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Automotive Parts

Parts Match or Exceed Original

Every model of vehicle is made up of thousands of parts — many of which are often unique to that particular make and model. The majority, if not all, of the repairs and maintenance performed on your car will require the replacement of at least some parts.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are parts used by the manufacturer when your vehicle was originally built. The parts that are used to repair and maintain your vehicle thereafter might by OEM or an "Aftermarket" part. Aftermarket parts are those which are made by a company which did not supply parts to the manufacturer. Many aftermarket parts are often of higher quality and last longer than OEM parts, and some aftermarket parts are actually made by OEM parts manufacturers.

Quality repairs are performed using Quality parts, whether they are OEM or Aftermarket. Unlike most independent shops, P.A.T. employs a full-time parts professional who verifies the correctness and quality of all parts used at P.A.T. Your professional P.A.T. Technician and our parts professional will choose the correct part for your vehicle and situation.

While expensive parts don't always mean a better repair, cheaper parts always mean an inferior repair.

At P.A.T., the parts installed on your vehicle will always be of a quality that matches or exceeds the quality of the parts originally used by the manufacturer (unless you specifically request otherwise).

The quality of a repair is directly dependent on the quality of the parts used. P.A.T. provides a Limited Warranty on all repairs, and therefore only parts which are obtained by P.A.T. will be used.

Special Order Parts

P.A.T. works with many suppliers of parts, in Ann Arbor and around the U.S., Dealer, Manufacturer, and Aftermarket, to provide the best quality of repair at the least cost to our customers.

Sometimes a part that is needed to repair your vehicle is not available immediately. When we order a part from any of our suppliers, there are shipping fees and if we need to return the part, a restocking fee as well. If your vehicle will not be staying at our facility and your vehicle needs to have a part ordered for it that is not usually stocked by us or our suppliers, we will ask that you pay for the part before we order it. This will guarantee that we will have the part in stock when you are able to return for the repair.

P.A.T.'s policy on special order parts is designed to provide convenience to our customers, by having their parts on hand when their vehicle is in our facility for service. Special order parts which are ordered by a customer and then not purchased by that customer add to P.A.T.'s cost of doing business, and are ultimately paid for by all of P.A.T.'s other customers.

Internet Parts/Can I bring my own parts?

Every few weeks we will have a customer ask if they can bring their own parts and have P.A.T. install them, or someone will ask why our parts cost more than the same parts available on the Internet. Just like Dentists, Plumbers, Restaurants and all businesses that sell things, auto repair facilities are in business to make a profit from everything they sell. P.A.T. has a warranty, and a professional parts person who makes sure that the parts we get for your car are correct, and that we get ALL the parts needed for a repair. Restaurants don't let customers bring pasta in for them to cook (talk about cheaper!), Dentists don't let their patients bring in gold fillings to have installed, and P.A.T. won't install parts purchased elsewhere. We have developed procedures that serve our customers very well, procedures which include procuring the parts we use to repair vehicles correctly. P.A.T. is Professional, Honest, Competent and reliable.

Used Parts

As you can imagine, we have been getting more and more questions about installing used parts on vehicles. Sometimes used parts make some sense. The problem for us is determining a worthwhile used part and the warranty implications. Parts like batteries, tires brake parts and suspension parts are should never be installed, just don't take the chance on safety related parts. When we buy new parts for your vehicle we buy from suppliers with whom we have long established relationships, the warranty on defective parts is picked up by P.A.T. and then passed on to our suppliers, who then passes it on to the manufacturer. With used parts the supplier (the junk yards) have a standard warranty which is something to the effect of "If the part is deemed bad, return it and we will supply you with another." Who pays for the labor to install the part then if it's bad remove it and reinstall another? Not the Junk Yard and not P.A.T., that leaves the vehicle owner. You may have to pay to have us install 3 'Used' parts to finally get a usable one.