How do I use the QR Barcode to visit your Google page?

When Google launched their "Favorite Place" promotion, they selected 100,000 businesses from their database of 1,000,000 who were the most searched in their list. Luckily for you, P.A.T. was one of them! After selecting these businesses, Google mailed a "We're a Google Favorite Place!" sticker with a square-shaped barcode on it, called a "QR Barcode." This barcode can be photographed with any "smartphone" and used to visit a mobile webpage for that business.

So how do you use the barcode to interact with us? First, you need to have a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Secondly, you need to install one of the following applications:

For the iPhone:

Neoreader (Free)

QuickMark ($0.99)

BeeTagg (Free)

For android-powered devices, the free Barcode Scanner app works well.

For other devices, searching for "QR Reader" should bring up some usable apps.

Once you have an appropriate application, take a picture of the printed barcode - either in person at the shop (in our window here at 1225 Jewett), from our ad in the University Record, or from the printed barcode here. Once you are at our Google Favorite Place page on your phone, you can call us, get directions, or simply check out our info and hours of operation.

If you are having any issues, the direct web link is here. Keep in mind this will not look like a proper webpage if you are not using a smartphone.

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