Chosen as the BEST independent auto repair facility in the United States by Robert Bosch of Germany!         Chosen as the Auto Repair (non-Dealership) in Ann Arbor & Washtenaw county!

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The 'Nuts and Bolts'

Who we are

P.A.T. (est. 1978) is family owned  and services all makes and models from Smart Cars & Hybrids to family mini vans on up to high performance vehicles.  Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools enabling them to stay current with  the latest technology.  When evaluated yearly by an independent firm P.A.T. consistently ranks 94% or higher nationally, including winning a Best In The U.S. international award in 1997.

You will speak directly with your mechanic, strengthening communication and eliminating the cost of a service advisor.  As repairs are recommended your technician can prioritize them for you making your decision easier.  Being an independent repair shop our Parts Manager searches numerous resources so that you receive high quality parts at the lowest price.

Do check out the testimonials on our website.  They are educational.  If still in doubt, please stop by.  We look forward to meeting you and servicing our car(s).

Current Issues

A big issue that is affecting us all is the economy. Some customers are electing to not put any money into their vehicles, we understand descions have to be made, please remember, broken cars only get worse, they don't heal themselves. New cars are way more expensive than fixing your current car.

Another issue we see is shopping for cheaper repairs. I know that cheaper looks like it costs less, well... we have in our shop right now a car that we told the owner that it needed front and rear brakes. They elected to go to a chain shop (chain shops are like Midas) because they were cheaper than us. Well the customer left the chain shop and their ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) light was on, they came to us and we found that the ABS ring on the axle had been damaged when the brakes were done. The ABS ring only comes with a new axle, for $900 plus labor. Cheaper not. The worst part of this was the chain shop wasn't even professional enough to say "The ABS light is on" let alone "We goofed up".

We at P.A.T. know the economy is making things tough, we are more than happy to discuss options and to prioritize repairs. Talk to Mike.

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Computer reflashing (J2534) and Tire Pressure Monitoring

The latest auto repair issues involve programming (or reprogramming) a vehicle's computer(s), and the diagnosis and repair of the now mandated Tire Pressure Monitoring system. P.A.T. has the necessary equipment, information and experience to handle these systems.

Why do I have so many 'free' things on my repair order?

We want our customers to get a proper and professional oil change or repair on their car(s). To compete with cheap oil change places price-wise, we try to keep your costs low and pay the technician to take extra time with your car. Any work our technicians spend on your car to keep you safe that we feel is 'extra' - we mark down as "goodwill," and make a note of it on your repair order.

"I want to have P.A.T. work on my car, but it's still under warranty. I have to go to the Dealer, don't I?"

The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty act of 1975 (15 U.S.C. 2302C ) states that a warranty on any consumer product may not be contingent on the consumer using a specific product or service which is identified by brand or corporate name.

Simply stated, if a consumer is paying for the repairs (including oil changes and other maintenance services) the consumer may have any repair facility perform the repairs, with any parts the consumer wants. It is that simple.

If you have new tires put on your car: We are seeing more and more Tire Valve Stems fail. often with a sudden and complete release of tire pressure. Many new tire valves from tire stores are made in China and highly prone to failure.

Speaking of tires, we are also seeing a number of Tire Pressure Monitoring tire valve stems(expensive item) fail do to a failure to not reinstall the valve stem cap after checking the tire pressure.